Inspire Me



Nature has always held so much inspiration for me. Growing up in Minnesota, I was surrounded by lakes, rivers, and forests. While I love all of nature, flowers seems to inspire me more and get me thinking of new projects. And out of those flowers, Magnolias leave me the most awestruck. They are unique, divine in their construction, and looking at them fills my heart with joy, stirs something in me. It is what moves me and inspires me to continue my work. When something catches my eye, I immediately envision drawings, embroideries, color schemes, anything I can work on to encapsulate the beauty of what lays before me. That’s what happened when I saw this photo. I sat down and drew the flower, my favorite way to first get out all of the ways I’m feeling about my current inspiration.

Do you have a flower, plant, or something within Nature that inspires you? What do you do with that inspiration?