Wonder Weaving Project


I’ve been having a bit of a creative slump when it comes to weavings lately. I wasn’t too excited about the work I was doing and felt uninspired. So I turned to embroidery and put weaving on the back burner. That is until I went on a yarn shopping trip and found some amazing fiber! Color and texture are crucial for me in my design process, so a lot of the times looking at my materials first can help inspire the start of a potential project.

From there I started to look at images that evoked a sense of wonderment, playfulness, and serenity. Above are the eight images that inspired my drawings featured below. If theres one thing I love most its texture. So going into these drawings I was focused on exhibiting different weaving techniques that create texture such as pile and fringe which can be seen through out the drawings.

And now here we are. At the final step before the execution of the product. Choosing which piece I want to create. I have ones that I am leaning towards for practicalities sake and some that I love because of how fuzzy all that texture is going to be. But I also want to hear from you all! Which one speaks to you? And how do you break up your creative slumps?

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