Welcome to Scilla + Luna

Mary Pat and Katherine

Hello and welcome to our blog! We are a mother-daughter owned business by the name of Scilla and Luna, a textile loving collaboration. Our store combines all the things we love and want to share with people who desire and appreciate high quality handmade goods that are unique and even one of a kind.

Mary started knitting as a young girl learning from her mother and her mother’s best friend, as well as learning embroidery from her grandmother.  Katherine has been a life-long creative including painting, knitting, embroidery, beading, fabric dyeing, weaving, well just about everything in the textile/fiber world.  Katherine graduated from SCAD with a B.F.A. in Fibers.  

We are excited about our journey, and we take pride in our designs and handmade products.  We work hard at sourcing from high quality companies, we try to go with U.S. based businesses when feasible, we only use natural fibers, and with our up-cycled clothing, we look for the best condition and quality.

Oh, how did we come up with our name?  Scilla is a low growing flower that has such a beautiful blue color that blooms in Spring.  We lived in an old 1908 home in Minneapolis, and after the long winters, it was the first flower to bloom.  For us, these flowers bloomed naturally under our big Buckeye tree among the grass.  A sweet memory that connects with nature, and the excitement of the first signs of spring after a long, cold winter.  Luna, of course is moon, which has been a recurring motif in both of our lives. Our connections with nature have inspired us through out our lifetimes so what better name for a company together then one expressing our love for nature, mother earth, and the universe beyond. 

In our blog, we will cover design inspiration, design process, how-to’s, and other non-fiber areas of interest, such as travel, food, nature/plants, as we’ve never been able to keep our interests narrowed to one field!

We hope you will join us on our textile loving journey.  

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